Mr. Jose D’Angelo’s family, Peru, ca. 1920’s

Colorized by Manos Athanasiadis

Colorized by Manos Athanasiadis

Mr. Jose D'Angelo's family (Jose D'Angelo) ca. 1920's

Mr. Jose D’Angelo’s family (Jose D’Angelo) ca. 1920’s

The following article: Exhibition honors Peruvian 3D photography pioneer Jose D’Angelo is from EFE Agencia’s site (March 4, 2015)

After almost a century of gathering dust, the work of a Peruvian amateur photographer has come to light in an unprecedented exhibition titled “Estereografias. El mundo en 3D del senor Jose D’Angelo” (Stereograms: The 3D World of Mr. Jose D’Angelo. The exhibition, which runs until May 17 (2015) at the Peruvian Catholic University Cultural Center in Lima, features 20 of the more than 300 three-dimensional images previously seen only by D’Angelo’s relatives, said curator Jokin Aspuru.

Jose D'Angelo in 1916

Jose D’Angelo in 1916

Jose D’Angelo Gutierrez (1873 – 1954) was born to Italian immigrant parents, in Ascope a town in Northern Peru. He was a bank manager of the former Caja de Depósitos, an entity that in time became the Banco de la Nacion. His work was to travel across Peru to open branches throughout the country. In his spare time, he took pictures of places he visited, creating a “serious and important” archive documenting family and social customs of the period, Aspuru said.
To create 3D images, D’Angelo learned the stereoscopy technique that became “the first mass visual phenomenon,” allowing people to view three-dimensional images through a stereoscope. D’Angelo employed a binocular camera that takes simultaneous photographs from slightly displaced angles. Once the images are placed in the stereoscope, the brain works to match the distance between them, creating the illusion of three dimensions.
D’Angelo was an organized, rigorous and meticulous photographer who classified all his material according to the subject of his photographs. Aspuru, found all of the photographer’s work stored in a small, four-drawer chest. Inside were more than 300 stereoscopic plates with pictures taken between 1915 and 1930, neatly classified with tags marking sections, such as “Family,” “Lima” and “Miscellaneous.”
“D’Angelo was always an amateur photographer, but he took photography very seriously,” Aspuru said. “He knew what he was doing.”
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